Jailed San Benito dad also facing time for gun-buying scheme

A father accused of giving his 9-month-old son a potentially lethal over-the-counter medicine is also facing federal charges in a gun-buying scheme.

San Benito police arrested Yashuan Manuel Roman during an early Sunday morning domestic disturbance with his mother.

Roman attacked her after she scolded him for giving his nine month son herbal drops, which caused the baby to sleep 14 hours.

Roman had allegedly intended to prevent his son from getting the flu.

But police said the Skullcap liquid herbal extract drops were formulated for adults and not children, much less a baby.

Michael Muiz with Muiz Rio Grande Pharmacy in Harlingen spoke to Action 4 News about the dangers of herbal remedies for purposes not intended.

"These drops don't help at all in fighting the flu and patients that look at stuff online, Muiz said. They need to verify it with another healthcare professional that knows these medications."

Action 4 News tried to speak to Roman's mother about the incident but she would not speak on camera saying she would rather be left alone.

But she did say her grandson was doing okay and that she wasn TMt afraid of her son because he wouldn't be coming out of jail anytime soon.

Federal court records show that Roman was out on bond after pleading guilty in McAllen TMs federal court to his role in a gun-buying scheme.

He'll more than likely remain in jail until his sentencing, which is set for February 14th.

As for the baby's mother, she was also in custody as part of the same federal investigation.