Jailhouse conversion for attorney Marc Rosenthal

Marc Rosenthal // File Photo

Marc Rosenthal is expected to face a federal judge for sentencing on Monday but has already found forgiveness from a higher power.

A jury in Corpus Christi found the Austin-based attorney guilty for his role in the Cameron County cash for court favors scandal.

Rosenthal has been locked up in a prison for federal inmates in Raymondville since February.

But Rosenthal TMs defense attorney Ernesto Gamez said his client underwent an amazing transformation in jail.

Gamez reported that Rosenthal was born to a Jewish family but converted to Christianity while in custody back in August.

Pastor Richard Hinojosa with the Good Shepherd Community Church in Brownsville oversaw Rosenthal TMs baptism.

Although not allowed to do a full baptism in jail, Gamez said Pastor Hinojosa brought a bucket and blessed the water inside of it.

Rosenthal was not able to immerse himself in the holy water but he was anointed with it over his head.

No photography or video recordings of the baptism were allowed but Gamez spoke to Action 4 News about Rosenthal TMs change.

Finding forgiveness and redemption, Gamez said Rosenthal told his family about his choice to convert.

He TMs reading the Bible every day, Gamez said. He understands the rights and wrongs.

Rosenthal is expected to appear for sentencing before U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville on Monday afternoon.

A jury convicted Rosenthal for being part of a conspiracy to bribe former 404th State District Court Judge Abel Limas for favorable court rulings.

Rosenthal faces up to 20 years in prison for each count and/or a $250,000 fine.