Jamming for Janet - Fundraiser for San Benito girl fighting for life

Janet Mata, 19, can be simply described as inspirational.The San Benito girl was diagnosed with a rare muscle disease known as Dermatomyositis when she was about four years old.It's incurable and recently doctors told her she had about two years left to live. Despite the grim prognosis, Mata has not lost her positive attitude."You just have to find something that you love in life, Mata said.I love my family I love (my dog) - you know even though you're sick, you are capable of loving and not just being mad at the whole world."It's this "won't give up" outlook that has inspired Mata TMs fellow San Benito High School graduates to organize a benefit fundraiser in her honor.Stacey Lee Gonzalez said the "Jamming for Janet" event will be held March 17th at the San Benito Resaca trail, and will feature a competitive 5K run, commemorative walk and live bands."It just goes to show how much of a support base there is, not only for Janet, but for other families and individuals that are facing hardships, or are facing life threatening diseases, and that are trying to overcome their own personal obstacles," Gonzalez said.Mata wants to donate the proceeds to Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi - a place where she's spent much of her time fighting to survive and a place she said gives many children hope and a chance at life."I know how it is to live with a disease your whole life, Mata said.I don TMt wish it on anybody else, I don TMt wish it not even on the adults. I don TMt want the kids to go through that - any kid - it's really hard to live with it and to accept it."Mata said the fight is tough and there are days of weakness and frustration, but it's the support from people like Gonzalez that keep her pushing forth."I have a beautiful feeling that I get, Mata said. (I) get to feel (San Benito TMs) support - that they're actually willing to help not only me, but other kids that are sick."Organizers have started a Facebook page for people who want to sign up for the event or make donations.Registration fee before March 9 is $15, and $20 after that.