Jo Ann Chavez's mother wants death penalty

It's been more than eight years since Maria Castaeda's first born child, Jo Ann Chavez was murdered in 2003.

Her remains were discovered two years later, buried in a Willacy County ranch.

"We've all been hurting, it still hurts|we miss her, Castaeda said. She was the most lovable daughter that I had."

She's never spoken out about her daughter's death, but Castaeda broke her silence Tuesday as she waited for the jury's verdict in the capital murder case against Wilfredo Padilla.

He's the alleged Mexican Mafia leader who prosecutors claim ordered Chavez TMs murder.

Castaeda said it's been a long, painful wait in their pursuit for justice and she can only think of one verdict.

We're just hoping that he gets the death penalty," Castaeda said.

Jurors began deliberating Monday, after listening to closing arguments from both defense and state prosecutors.

Tuesday, they deliberated for at least six more hours, reviewing some dozen pieces of notes or evidence presented to them during the trial.

Castaeda said she's ready for their verdict, even if it's not guilty.

"Then I TMll just have to live with it - God will do justice," Castaeda said.

The mother is anxious for the verdict, because after all these years, Chavez hasn't had a proper burial.

Her remains were kept as evidence for the trial.

"We do already have plans to have the funeral services, she said.

Most of all Castaeda said after the verdict, they'll have closure and can continue remembering her daughter's life, rather than her death.

"She was a very, very lovable daughter, understanding, a tearful Castaeda said. When she would see me upset, she would (tell me), ~mom put a smile on your face. TM She would hug me, have me up there and give me a kiss.