Job Hunting Using Tech

Thanks to an improving economy, whether you're looking for a first job or a better one, this could be your year.

That doesn't change the fact, the job market will become even more saturated with applicants who, like you, need to eat.

That's why it's so important to stand out and technology can be your secret weapon.

Let's start with tip one.

Research that prospective company using websites like

Then use social media sites to learn more about the company and find people who work there.

Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know.

Don't think these sites will help?

Shari Saperstein with Nova Southeastern University said those who embrace social media will have a better chance at getting hired.

"It's very important that you're in the mix. It's very ancient to not be part of those different sites and evolve with the times," said Saperstein.

Next, polish your online image by getting rid of anything questionable. General rule of thumb, if you wouldn't want your Mom seeing it, don't post it.

Remember research is a two way street, as you check out companies they're checking you out too, so keep it clean and professional.

Tip three? Face it, we're a smart-phone using culture -- and now many employers are taking advantage of this to find employees. AT&T and Starbucks for example -- have "an app for that."

"It's something that makes the employer's job a lot easier in terms of finding candidates," said Saperstein.

Another tip? Besides having a paper resume, why not create an online profile that highlights your achievements and experience. Google has one and it's free.

Technology is great but don't retire that paper resume just yet.

Make it perfect and bring lots of copies to your interviews.