Joint investigation reveals county employee dealing ~hydro TM at park

Christian Lee Sanchez

A Hidalgo County employee is off the job after being arrested for selling hydroponic marijuana while on the clock.

Christian Lee Sanchez was arrested Tuesday afternoon after a joint investigation by the San Juan Police Department and Hidalgo County Precinct 2 Constables.

Sanchez worked as a ground keeper for the Hidalgo County Parks and Recreation Department and was assigned to maintain North San Juan Park on 509 east Nolana.

Authorities said the investigation was launched after an anonymous tip came in reporting a county employee selling drugs out of his car while on the job.

"He was selling while on county hours," Sgt. Rolando Garcia said. "We have been in contact with the county safety administration and they have terminated his employment with the county immediately."

Investigators observed Sanchez at North San Juan Park make a drug deal and moved in and made the arrest.

Sanchez was charged Wednesday afternoon with possession of marijuana in a drug free zone and possession of synthetic marijuana.

Hydroponic marijuana is a form of 'high-end' marijuana.

Sanchez bond was set at $30,000.