Josie Ayala Scholarship

A scholarship fundraiser was held on Saturday to honor a former P.S.J.A. softball coach.

Family, friends and co-workers gathered at the San Juan Municipal Park for a softball tournament to raise money for the "Josie Ayala Scholarship. Ayala was P.S.J.A.'s softball coach who tragically lost her life earlier this year. It was one of Ayala's wishes to see her students attend college after they graduated from high school.

"We were able to get 9 teams to participate and everything was done on a voluntary base. All of our efforts are voluntary; empires, concession stand, everything was donated. And, 100% of the proceeds will go towards the scholarship, said Cynthia Billescas, P.S.J.A. Assistant Principal.The Scholarship will be awarded to a P.S.J.A. female athlete each year. So far, two students have been given a $500 dollar scholarship in Ayala's name. Friends of Ayala hope that the softball tournament becomes an annual tradition.