'Juan Castillo Day' sparks controversy

Banner being displayed in Port Isabel.

PORT ISABEL -- A banner hanging over Port Isabel, reads Juan Castillo Day- July 4th, and is causing quite a stir.

It's all the people in this small, Laguna Madre town are talking about.

The controversy deals with a ceremony the city opted to celebrate on July 4th called Juan Castillo Day.

Castillo is a native of Port Isabel, who during his high school days was a football star and today is an offensive coach with the NFL team the Philadelphia Eagles.

As he returns home for the Independence Day holiday, he will be honored with a key to the city.

But some said maybe a different date should have been considered.

Ana Maria Avila said I just don TMt think it should be July 4th, maybe July 5th on a Sunday.

However some don't have a problem with it like Jose Sandoval, a Vietnam Veteran who said, It TMs hard for a Mexican or anybody from down here to advance in this world like jobs and stuff like that. He's with the Philadelphia Eagles that TMs good!"

We spoke to City Manager Edward Meza about the debate who tells Action 4 News the decision for the forth was made because of Castillo TMs schedule, and not to replace Independence Day.

Meza adds it also made sense since Castillo's story epitomizes the American dream, which is what Independence Day represents.

In no way should it undermines the 4th of July, Independence Day, this was just in celebration on a local person that is an inspiration to others, said Meza.

According to the city manager this one-time celebration in no way will replace the 4th of July as an annual event.

Castillo played football for the Port Isabel Tarpons in high school and went on play for Texas A&I in Kingsville where he graduated with a BA and MBA.

The Port Isabel native went on to coach high school football and college football before getting his big break in the NFL.

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