Judge denies release for La Joya teen who took gun to school

7th grader

An Hidalgo County judge has denied the released of a 13-year-old who took a loaded gun to Saenz Middle School in La Joya.

During a detention hearing on Wednesday, Action 4 News learned the 7th grader took a loaded handgun to school, and showed it to friend.

According to school police, the gun was load and had three bullets inside.

The teen told police he got the gun from his aunt's home, and took it to Saenz Middle School on Monday.

According to school police, a parent reported the teen and he confessed.

A judge ordered the unidentified 13-year-old to be tested for synthetic marijuana, plus he must undergo psychological testing.

The 7th grader will remain in the Hidalgo County Juvenile Detention Center until his next hearing in September.