Judge: More arrests could be made in Panama Unit scandal

Jonathan Treviño // File Photo

Eight of ten men in the Panama unit accused in a drug conspiracy were back in federal court today.

A Mexican citizen who is a witness in the case was supposed to take the stand but U.S. District Court Judge Randy Crane postponed the testimony because more arrests could be made.

The attorney for former Mission police officer Alexis Espinoza asked the court to try his client.

Espinoza claims that he was not involved in the same conspiracies as the other nine dependants.

The judge denied the motion and stating there was no proof of prejudice against Espinoza.

Former Panama Unit member Gerado Mendoza-Duran was granted permission to work in Austin as long as he was monitored.

Fabian Rodriguez, who was accused of breaking his pre-trial conditions when he sent text messages to another defendant, had his bond reinstated.

The next hearing will take place in six weeks unless more arrests are made.

The trial is scheduled to begin in May.