Judge revokes bond for attorney Marc Rosenthal

Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse

A federal judge has revoked the bond for a high-profile attorney on trial for his alleged role in the Abel Limas "cash for court favors" scandal.

U.S. District Court Andrew Hanen handed down the ruling at the Brownsville federal courthouse just before noon on Friday.

Defense attorneys could not immediately be reached for comment but federal court records show Hanen revoked Rosenthal's bond for violating the terms of his bond and pre-trial release.

Federal court records show that Rosenthal admitted that the allegations against him were true.

Judge Hanen ordered that Rosenthal taken into custody and jailed throughout the remainder of his trial.

A Valley Morning Star reporter who was present in the courtroom tweeted the decision.

According to another tweet from Thursday, Rosenthal bear-hugged former Texas State Rep. Jim Solis, who is a witness in the case.

A thiRd tweet showed that proseuctors also had video of Rosenthal drinking at bar in Brownsville on Saturday.

Both incidents were considered to be violations of his $100,000 dollar bond, which stated he was not to have contact with witnesses and not drink alcohol.

Rosenthal had been staying at a hotel down the street from the Corpus Christi federal courthouse.

He will now be taken into custody at the end of each day of his month-long trial.

Judge Hanen granted a request from Rosenthal to move the trial to Corpus Christi due to publicity surrounding the case.

Rosenthal's trial resumes in Corpus Christi on Monday.