Judge to allow drug trafficker to testify in Lucio trial

Carlos Justino Ramos // File Photo

It's day three in the racketeering trial of attorney Eduardo "Eddie" Lucio.

Testimony focused on a past murder trial and a wrongful death lawsuit, but a judge overseeing the case is now going to allow testimony from a convicted drug trafficker.

Carlos Justino Ramos, who's also known as Justin Ramos, will be allowed to testify against Lucio.

Ramos is serving time for smuggling 2,000 pounds of marijuana, but once worked for former Cameron County D.A. Armando Villalobos.

Judge Hanen ruled that Ramos will be allowed to testify.

It was a busy day in court as former State District Court Judge Abel Limas stepped down from the witness stand after almost two and a half days.

A star witness for prosecutors, Limas stood by his testimony that Lucio gave him a $1,000 bribe.

Prosecutors then called attorney Greg Gladden to the stand who is the defense attorney for Amit Livingston, a murder suspect who was out on bond when he fled to India.

All of it before he was supposed to report to prison for the October 2005 murder of Hermila Hernandez.

Lucio made $200,000 in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Hernandez's family.

Villalobos got an $80,000 cut while each of them gave Limas $1,000.

Jurors also heard from Mario Hernandez, the widower of Hermila Hernandz, who testified that Villalobos gave him the idea for the lawsuit and that Villalobos told him to call Lucio.

Testimony is expected to continue first thing Friday morning.