Jurors begin deliberations for Brownsville kidnapping, murder

Mariscos Playa Azul // File Photo

Prosecutors called 11 witnesses to the stand to testify against Abraham Parra.

One of nine suspects accused in the July 2012 kidnapping and murder of Reyes Bocanegra, Parra has been on trial before Judge Arturo Cisneros Nelson in the 138th State District Court.

Testimony started on Tuesday and wrapped up Wednesday afternoon.

Defense attorneys are relying heavily on their view that proscutorsfailed to prove that parra was the one who shot reyes bocanegra in the back of the head.

During his closing arguments, defense attorney Nat Perez wasted no time in trying to question the credibility of witnesses.

Perez said several of them testified that during the kidnapping at Mariscos Playa Azul last year, Parra had a gun when in fact, surveillance video shows he did not display a weapon.

The Brownsville defense attorney also questioned the lead investigator's accuracy in his testimony.

But most importantly, Perez said that prosecutors did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that out of nine total suspects parra was thr one that p ulled the trigger.

In a rebuttla, prosecutor Gustavo Garza told jurors that proof Parra is guilty is there and if they follow the law.

Garza told jurors the one who holds the victim down is just as guilty as the one who pulls trigger.

He told jurors it was their opportunity to show that violence like that Mexico is experiencing will not be tolerated here no matter what cartel and that these types of criminals will be held accountable here.

The jury started deliberations but will come back at 9 a.m. Thursday to continue.

Defense attorney Perez said that he feels for Bocanegra's family but hopes this will not be an "eye for an eye" verdict.