Jury begins deliberations in Armando Villalobos trial

Armando Villalobos File Photo

Jurors in the racketeering trial of former Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos have heard closing arguments and started deliberations.

Testimony for the trial began on Monday, May 13th before U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen at Brownsville's federal courthouse.

Dozens of witneses testified both for and against Villalobos.

The former district attorney is accused of abusing his elected office to enrich himself and others in a "cash for court favors" scheme.

Among the key witnesses were former 404th State District Court Judge Abel Limas and San Benito attorney Oscar De La Fuente.

Limas pleaded guilty to his role in the scheme and is expected to be sentenced in August.

De La Fuente got an immunity deal where he will not be prosecuted for his role in the scandal in exchange for his testimony against Villalobos.

Defense attorneys for Villalobos told jurors in closing arguments that they could not trust the testimony of neither Limas nor De La Fuente.

Lead federal prosecutor Michael Wynne ended his closing arguments by saying, "The U.S. government asks that you find Armando Villalobos guilty on all counts."

Action 4 News will post an update on the jury's verdict as soon as it is available.

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