Jury finds Cameron County employee guilty in corruption case

Visiting judge presided over the case

A Cameron Commissioner's assistant accused of abusing official capacity and tampering with government records was found guilty on all three charges.

Today a jury found Raul Salazar guilty of providing the answers to a civil service exam for the Cameron County Commissioners, Ernie Hernandez, brother-in -law Robert Cadriel.

This event took place in 2011. After Cadriel, who doesn TMt know how to read or write, failed the exam twice to become a security guard, someone took it for him.

Once human resources found that out, Salazar is said to have provided Cadriel with the answers to the exam which he passed and was hired.

Cameron County Disctrict Attorney Luiz Saenz said he was happy with the jury's verdict and finds it a step forward to solving a problem in this county.

"Our gratitude goes to the jury for taking a stand against what has inflicted our community for far too long - public corruption, D.A. Saenz says.

Salazar will be sentenced December 11th. He could face up to one year in jail and up to $4,000 fine for a Class A Midemeanor.