Jury finds man guilty of young Harlingen woman's murder

Combes crime scene // File Photo

A Cameron County jury sentenced a 67-year-old man to life in prison for killing his 20-year-old lover.

After hearing several days of testimony, jurors in the 404th State District Court found Aroldo Humbero Cadriel guilty of murder late Friday morning.

Cadriel killed 20-year-old Brisna Mireles back in March 2012.

Combes police found the young Harlingen woman's body along Highway 77 where a hotel room key and other clues lead investigators back to Cadriel.

The Brownsville man denied the charges but jurors sided with prosecutors after hearing testimony that Cadriel and Mireles were lovers and were with each other the night of her murder.

Surveillance video also put Cadriel in the Harlingen area around the time of Mireles was killed.

Cadriel is asking that visiting Judge Marisela Saldaa sentence him instead of the jury.

Judge Saldaa denied the request asking the jury to sentenced Cadriel.

Under state law, the elderly Brownsville man faces 5 to 99 years in prison.

Prosecutors asked jurors for the maximum sentencing saying that they believed Cadriel was "evil" and a "predator."

Defense attorneys asked jurors to consider Cadriel's age and give him 25 years in prison adding that anything past that is already a death sentence.

Prosecutors replied that Mireles never even made it to 25 years of age.

In the end, jurors decided to sentence Cadriel to life in prison for the crime.