Jury finds UTPA kidnapping mastermind guilty

Navarro has been found guilty on counts of hostage taking

The accused mastermind behind the 2012 UTPA student kidnapping is found guilty.

After five hours of deliberation, 12 jury members found Miguel Navarro guilty on two charges of hostage taking.

Jurors spent four days in federal court listening to testimony from a number of witnesses regarding the abduction of the 27-year-old UTPA student, Ana Elizondo.

Elizondo was abducted from a UTPA campus parking lot on September 25, 2012 while getting into her car after class.

Navarro was arrested along with Milton Trevio and Onan "Frank" Herrera, both of whom pleaded guilty to federal charges last year for their role in the kidnapping.

Navarro's wife Elva was also charged at the state level for her small involvement in the kidnapping.

Both Trevino and Elva Navarro testified in federal court this week that Miguel Navarro was the mastermind to orchestrating the abduction of Elizondo in an attempt to make money off a ransom.

The victim herself, Ana Elizondo, along with her father Jorge and her brother Jorge Jr. also testified this week detailing how Ana was held for just over 24 hours for a ransom of $100,000.

Sentencing for Navarro is set for April 10 at 2 p.m.

Trevino and Herrera will also be sentenced on April 10. They are both expected to receive lighter sentences than Navarro after pleading guilty to the hostage taking charges.