Justice expected in 23 year old cold case

Grand Rapids Police Department mugshot

A man wanted in connection with a 23-year-old cold case will finally be extradited back to the Valley to face a slew of charges.

One charge is murder.

According to Weslaco Police, one of the Federal Bureau of Investigation TMs databases called CODIS is now linking Arturo Almaguer to the double murders of Weslaco business owners Evan, 70, and Wilda Squires, 65.

Investigators said DNA found at the scene back on November 13, 1988 placed 41-year-old Almaguer at their crime scene.

Almaguer is accused of forcing his way into their Weslaco mobile home, killing the couple in cold blood and then stealing several of their belongings.

Grand Rapids police arrested 42-year-old Almaguer on a felon crime which require DNA to be taken.

Authorities in Michigan entered his fingerprints into the federal database, and it matched DNA lifted at the Weslaco crime scene in 1988.

Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department arrived in Grand Rapids Thursday at the Kent County Sheriff's Department taking custoday of their fugitive just before 10 a.m.

The Squires son says the arrest may finally bring "closure" for their family.

Welsaco Police told Action 4 News Almaguer was indicted for capital murder, murder, and burglary of habitation.

On Friday, he will only be charged with two counts of murder at the Weslaco Police Department.

Action 4 News learned Almaguer is a habitual offender in Texas and Michigan.

The 23-year-old cold case is the reason the Weslaco Crime Stoppers Line was formed in 1989.