Justice for Jeydon: School will use portrait for yearbook

It's not quite a picture perfect outcome, but a La Feria senior, who recently won a battle against the school district to wear a tuxedo in a yearbook photo as a transgender student is calling it a victory.

Action 4 was the first to sit down and talk to Jeydon Loredo and his mother Stella on camera since the decision was made to allow his portrait in the yearbook.

Jeydon was intially told his photo would not appear in the yearbook unless he was photographed in a blouse and drape or in gender neutral clothing.

It TMs something Loredo's attorney said none of the other boys at the La Feria High School had to do.

Yesterday afternoon, the La Feria School District released a statement saying that dress code issues can be very complicated and often administrators are in called to balance perceived community standards. The district said it accepts each of its students and is committed to maximizing their individual potential. After carefully considering all the facts, they will allow the tuxedo photo in the yearbook.

I was in the room with my brother when I got the information and I had the biggest smile on my face. I was like, ~finally TM, said a relieved Jeydon.

While both Jeydon and Stella are happy that La Feria ISD had a change of heart, they just wish it didn TMt take so long for the district to come to this decision.

"I would like an apology because it got dragged out so long," said Jeydon.

"It affected the whole family, but more so Jeydon, and I think that TMs the least they can do-reach out apologize," agreed his mother Stella.

The family says they never expected it to have gone this far.

This left a scar. I don TMt even want my grandchildren to attend the La Feria Independent School District at all, said Stella Loredo.

The family is glad the ordeal is behind them and they said it TMs been a learning process.

Basically, if you fight for what you want, you can get it, said Jeydon.

Jeydon not only realized the importance of standing up for his rights, he said he TMs amazed by the outpour of support he's received nationwide.

While the Loredo family is still waiting on an apology from the district, online bloggers in the transgender community are calling the decision a victory.Click here to follow Ashly Custer on Twitter