Justice Longoria back on bench after DWI arrest

A week after an Edinburg appellate court judge is arrested for drunk driving, she is back on the bench.

The 13 Court of Appeals Justice Nora Longoria was arrested July 12th when she failed sobriety tests after she was pulled over by a McAllen police officer.

Action 4 News contacted Judge Longoria's office who referred us to her lawyer.

The only response was a statement saying:

"Upon the advice and instruction of counsel, Nora Longoria will not be making any public statements at this time. Thank you for your understanding." Action 4 News also reached out to the state commission on judicial conduct in Austin and learned there is no immediate consequence to a state judge who is arrested for drunk driving.

The commission may initiate an investigation based on a formal complaint or news story, but as the 13th Court of Appeals Chief Justice Valdez told Action 4 News, one is innocent until proven guilty.

The commission defines judicial misconduct as an action by a judge that brings discredit upon the judiciary or the administration of justice.

Driving while intoxicated and alcohol, drug, or mental health problems are all cited as possible violations.

It's unclear exactly how drunk the justice was because as she refused to take a Breathalyzer test, according to a police report.

She will face DWI charges in court, but until she is convicted or the charges are dismissed she will continue to take her position on the bench.

Longoria has served on the 13th Court of Appeals since January 2012.