Justice of the Peace surprised at the scene with cousin's death

A late night work call to a deadly scene turned into declaring a relative dead for Justice of the Peace Erin H. Garcia.Garcia spoke exclusively to Action 4 about her first experience on the job having to pronounce a family member dead."Going to these accidents is always difficult, it involves death," Garcia said. "It TMs a difficult situation to begin with but when you come across a family member unexpectedly, it TMs difficult."It all happened Friday night around midnight at the scene of the accident near FM 802 and Central Boulevard in Brownsville.When Garcia was handed the victim's ID, she started filing the death report.Once she came across the name and picture on the ID, Garcia quickly realized she was there to declare one of her own family member's dead."As soon as I looked at the picture and I though oh my gosh, that's my mom's cousin," Garcia said.According to police, 49 year old Ricardo Briones was sitting at a bus stop when he was run over by a white van that swerved off the road, taking him out and everything in its way.Briones died at the scene.The driver fled on foot, but police caught him down the 2200 block of Central Boulevard.The driver was charged with intoxication assault and accident involving serious bodily injury/death.Authorities are not yet releasing the identity of the person who has been arrested.Briones closest living relatives are Garcia's family.He was never married and had no children.She tells Action 4, her second cousin was currently homeless but by choice.She says he was constantly on the move and turned down offers to move in with family."He was a kind that would call from one cell phone number one day another cell phone another day but he would pop in," Garcia said.Garcia says her family will remember Briones as a survivor.