Juvenile detention center investigation continues, Valley lawmaker speaks out

After three Evins Regional Juvenile Center employees were arrested, the facility continues to be under the microscope.

The Inspector General arrested officers Juan Tamez, Julian Fuentes and security director Pete Martinez on July 2.

The three were charged with official oppression and tampering or fabricating physical evidence at the center.

Seven staff members allegedly knew about the abuse of three minors but failed to report it.

According to the investigation, there were no serious injuries and the seven employees have been suspended.

State Rep. Terry Canales said this type of abuse is not unique to the Edinburg facility.

"If the allegations are true, Canales said. We have a big problem not only dealing with security with oversight and the fundamental way the facility is being run."

This investigation could lead to reforms that may revamp the way staff members are trained, according to Canales.

He said detention centers like Evins need to do a better job at rehabilitating juveniles.

Canales said if their environment behind bars goes against the rules, it TMs hard to get them be productive members of society once they are released.