Karate instructor speaks after being cleared of sexual abuse charges

After more than two years of claims, innuendos and allegations, it took a jury less than three days to find Carlos Anderson not guilty of sexually abusing three teenage girls.

The karate instructor showed no emotion when the verdict was first read, but then cried when he hugged his son moments later.

Reporter: You have no comment for the verdict?

Carlos Anderson: Praise Jesus.

Once out of the Cameron County Courthouse where he had faced 20 years in prison if convicted, Anderson finally stopped and spoke out.

Thanks to my lawyer Michael Garza, said Anderson. It's been all in Jesus TM hands for three years. I've waited to be vindicated and now Jesus allowed that to happen.

Reporter: And what are you going to do now?

Anderson: Be with my family.

Although grateful to be found innocent, Anderson said he has a long road ahead of him to repair his name and his life.

His attorney says the allegations took a toll on Anderson TMs marriage, business and bruised his character.

It's been a long process, attorney Michael Garza said. It was very emotional to hear the verdict coming in. Carlos Anderson is an innocent man and we found that the justice system still works in this country.

All three accusers claimed Anderson had sexually molested them when they were teens and preteens from 2006 to 2009. Evidently distraught and upset over the outcome, they exited the courtroom with their families without saying a word.