Keep it Clean! Club - Santa Fe Steakhouse in McAllen

Nestled off South 10th Street in McAllen is one of the city's most celebrated restaurants.

Santa Fe boosts top wines, top tastes, and perhaps above all, top performer status on Food 4 Thought.

"Keeping it clean is something that we do everyday," Rafael Rego said.

The restaurant has been wining and dining customers for nearly two decades.

With outdoor seating and a separate night-time entertainment area, co-owners Rafael Rego and Fred Harms want people to know that at Santa Fe it's all about personal comfort. So what's the main ingredient for success at the restaurant?


Restaurants are either on board with keeping it clean or they exposed Wednesday nights on Food 4 Thought during Action 4 News at 10.

Both owners are weekly Food Patrol fans.

"It's important to know the restaurants that are doing their job properly... And are a safe place to take your family," Harms said.

Rego added how the program has become a trusted family affair.

"Folks do look at the program... I have... My parents have... And friends and family as well... And I think those of us who've seen it...There's a definite benefit... Showing the bad but as you're doing today... Recognizing the good. "

And to celebrate the Food Patrol's recent statewide recognition for "best specialty reporting," they're giving a lucky Action 4 viewer the chance to eat out at Santa Fe on their dime. "On behalf of the Santa Fe and the Food Patrol... Whoever's walking away with the $100 gift certificate... I recommend the tuna tartare, the New York strip... And the crme brulee," Rego said. John Garza will get that chance to try Rego's recommended dishes.

The Harlingen resident was the first Keep it Clean! Club contest winner.

The contest continues for the next three Monday's.

Register on for your chance to win.

Then watch Action 4 News on Monday night to see which restaurant is featured and who scored a free gift certificate to eat there.

The last Monday will feature a huge prize worth a 4-figure amount to more than a dozen restaurants.