Keep McAllen Beautiful targets 25th and Nolana

McAllen city leaders and community volunteers teamed up Tuesday with Up With People to make McAllen even more beautiful.

Volunteers planted 600 plants and flowers.

The city wants to create an appealing landscape so illegal dumpers will think twice before they target 25th Street and Nolana Avenue.

"We live with host families, so we're living with people from the community, and then everyday we get to work with people from the community," explained cast member Alex Lippert. "We're not just tourists, we're really seeing what that culture is all about and what the people think of it and who really lives here."

City leaders appreciate all the help.

"We're extremely grateful for their participation and their sweat equity," said Elvira Elizondo of McAllen's Public Works department. "We are saving approximately $15,000 with them helping us."

Up With People performs for the valley this Saturday at the Dodge Arena in Hidalgo.