Keep Your Family Safe from West Nile

West Nile cases are on the rise across the United States.

The Center for Disease Control says they're up 40% from August and most cases are right here in Texas.

The city of Brownsville became the first in the valley to confirm a mosquito with the West Nile Virus.

On Tuesday, Brownsville Health Director Art Rodriguez along with Roman Abeyta with the Cameron County Health Dept., discussed how you can prevent contracting the disease and what some of the symptoms are.

If you have a headache, fever, feel fatigue, muscle pain or see an occasional rash, consult your doctor because those could be signs of the disease.

To keep areas around your home safe, drain any standing water outside the house. Mr. Abeyta says to remember the "Four D's": Deet, Dusk until Dawn, Drain and Dress appropriately.