Keeping Children Safe In The Pool

Its a child magnet...a cool-- wet-- fun-- irresistible good time and what kid doesn't like to take a plunge in a friend's pool.

Sadly too many children drown in pools... Because they weren't being closely watched.

That TMs why the Texas department of family services has come up with a new campaign called "see and safe"...Urging parents to watch those kids like hawks.

"You shouldn't look at it like I have to keep an eye on my child, you should be thinking "oh, maybe I can bond with my child while we play in the pool together." Again, keeping your child next to you is the only way to keep your child safe........."

Last year 82 children drowned across Texas.

So far this year-- 60 have perished-- six of those in south Texas with two right here in the Valley. Scott Mckee is an EMT or emergency medical technician-- he is usually the first to show up when a child drowns.

".When I show up you see the devastation on the parents faces. It's hard to find words to describe, it is unbelievable........"

"Now I know what you're thinking, I'm within yelling distance. No problem? Right? Just a few weeks ago 2 young boys, in a Laredo swimming pool, died, they drown during a pool party"

And it's not just pools.

A toddler can get curious about something as innocent as a toilet bowl-- a fish tank or a bucket of water.

"It is the infants and toddlers, they will look in but they don't have the upper body strength to lift themselves out."

Knowing what to do if you find your child in trouble in a pool or other body of water-- is critical.

"The first thing you want to do remove the child from the water and call 911. The quicker you call the quicker we can show up." A quick list of do's and don TMts includes: Never leave your child alone near any body of water. Stay with children while they are in the water. Use life jackets on natural bodies of water like lakes-- rivers and the gulf Fence in your pool and install a water surface alarm to alert you if someone has entered the pool. And never assume a child can use good judgment near or on the water. And learn CPR

So have a fun summer-- enjoy the water but remain vigilant as every parent knows those young kids are quick...You turn your back for just a second and they're gone.