Keeping kids warm this holiday season

A lucky group of students in need got a big surprise this week to keep warm when temperatures drop this Winter.

A senior citizen from Michigan has been crocheting hats by hand for 12 years to keep children in need warm from the cold.

Eleanor Dawn Oost made 86 hats to give to children from Jensen Elementary in Alton.

"It makes me feel good in here, said Oost.

She's already made four hats for the following year to keep these children warm.

I TMve already started," said Oost.

She said it's important to her to make sure these kids have what they need during the winter.

"Their little heads get so cold," said Oost.

The school's counselor said without Oost's generosity, many of these kids would be without.

"At times parents get caught up with buying school supplies and other items," said Darlene Jamison.

These children are hand-picked by the school.

The children are part of Adopt a Fish, a mentoring program for children at risk.

"When your head's warm and your hands are warm, it just brings a sense of comfort, and when you TMre comfortable you want to do work and read, and you're not thinking of how cold you are," said Jamison.

Oost said she expects to be done with next year TMs hats by April.