'Keys in Ignition' Round Up in Brownsville

Next time you get out of your car, don TMt forget to turn off your engine and take your keys. Not doing so could cost you up to $200 dollars and even jail time.

But just in case you're unaware of this law, Brownsville police officers are reminding people by using mock citations.

Action 4 News with was with undercover officers Wednesday afternoon at the Stripes Stores in Alton Gloor.

Officers noted unlocked doors, open windows, unattended purses and several keys left in the ignition.

Brownsville resident Lucio Torres was one of those busted breaking the law.

I always stick them in my pocket and what I do is end up poking myself with the key that kind of thing, said Lucio. Usually all these people are friendly people so I wasn TMt too much worried about it."

Police also busted a man who'd left his small children inside his running vehicle.

In total, police caught five people with their keys left in the ignition.

Officers told Action 4 News that over 100 cars are stolen from Brownsville to McAllen every month.

Police said sometimes criminals may not be targeting your vehicle and they may be looking for your personal information to commit identity theft.

So be warned next time you stop to get your favorite tacos, an officer may be standing by to remind you not to leave the keys in the car.

Throughout the month of July, Brownsville Police will be handing out citations at area convenience stores to drivers who leave their vehicles running.