KGBT CEO becomes principal for a day

Running a school is no easy task.

Mission CISD invited community leaders to get a feel for what it's like, including KGBT CEO Tom Keeler. Managing 2,000 students and 150 employees can be quite daunting.

"He [Keeler] said what is your biggest fear? I said a fight," Mission Veterans Memorial High School Principal Leticia Pena said.

Keeler spent the day with Principal Pena to get a feel for the job as well as help administrators like Pena learn what they can do to help prepare their students for the workplace.

"We want to give them what they need to be successful for life and if we don't connect with the community then there is no way for us to know what the needs are, Pena said.

"As a corporate leader I think it's important for us to gain a better insight and perspective what our kids and administrators are dealing with every day, Keeler said.

From a Veterans Day assembly to classroom instruction, Keeler and other community leaders learned the ins and outs of what it takes to run a school.

"They shadow us all day long, Pena said. We don't change anything."

Fortunately for today everything went well.

"We were doing walk thru TMs when I was called to an emergency downstairs. At that point I don't know what to expect, Pena said. That TMs the life of a principal."

"If this is a representation of the future of our country and the Rio Grande Valley, I think things are looking pretty good, Keeler said.

"Just as Hillary Clinton stated, it takes a village to educate our children. Pena said. I truly believe that."

Other community leaders participating ranged from doctors to realtors, all sharing their experiences at the end of the day.