Kidnapped McAllen boy back home safe

A little boy reported missing has been found.

An Amber Alert was issued yesterday after his family reported that his aunt had taken him.

Regina Woodfork allegedly took two years old Terry Bennett and drove off, but he's back at home and she is facing charges.

Action 4 News went to Bennett's residence and met Regina's daughter, Zeta Kirin, who did not want to appear on camera, but said her mother would never take Terry with bad intentions.

She said the kids rarely see their aunt because she lives in Reynosa, so when she came to visit, the children were outside and said hello, and the child must have gotten into the car because one of the two year olds siblings mentioned that she saw him in Woodfork's back seat.

Police told Action 4 News that there wasn't a fight or any suspicious circumstances.

Neighbor Erika Montes said she didn't hear or see anything suspicious Wednesday afternoon, and she said it's a secure neighborhood, so she doesn't think anyone forcefully took the child.

Other neighbors that we talked to agreed, and they said the housing complex is under constant security.

The family said the FBI and the boy's father went to Reynosa and found the toddler.

Police said Woodfork will be facing kidnapping charges.