Kidnapping suspects "Didn't look like nice neighbors"

An Alton man who managed to escape from his captors after he was kidnapped last Friday is recovering in a local hospital.

Alejandro Gomez was held captive in a trailer home at 1711 27th Street in Mission after he was apparently beaten.

Neighbors say the incident has made them much more cautious.

"It TMs not safe for children anymore, I just want to put that ~for sale TM sign up and get out of here, one woman who wishes to stay unidentified said.

With the kidnappers still at large those I spoke with asked to have their identity hidden.

"I TMve been so nervous since all this happened, the woman said.

Neighbors say police were in the neighborhood from about nine o TMclock Tuesday night till two in the morning, investigating the property.

Witnesses who saw Gomez said he was badly beaten.

"He said he was pretty hurt and he needed the police to come and help him out, the woman said. I can just imagine the hot weather and the way he was mistreated in there."

Before she knew what had happened, the same woman said she was already skeptical of her new neighbors.

"The first time I saw them I was sitting outside and I told my husband they don't look like very nice neighbors, the woman said.

While neighbors say police frequently pass through the neighborhood one man tells me he's concerned about the large amount of vacant homes on the street.

"I would like to talk to the police and tell them to check more often inside of the trailers, the man said.

Authorities have yet to release what they found inside of the home and if any arrests have yet been made.