Kids and teachers heated over lack of cool air conditioning

A Barrera Elementary student was leaving school Wednesday with two water bottles in his backpack.

They were given to him and all of the Barrera students after a third day of by the Santa Rosa school district after a third day of classes without a fully functional air condition.

Students in Pre-K through 5th grade have had to sit through the school day with just a breeze coming in from outdoors through cracked windows or doors propped open by chairs.

Concerns poured in over Facebook about the situation so Action 4 News took them straight to Superintendent Heriberto Villarreal who says the "chillers" in the air conditioners started failing last Friday.

"We currently have a company out there working on the chillers. Today it is manageable. I realize yesterday was a tough day since it was warmer in the building, but today, according to the principal, it was manageable," said Villareal.

A concerned teacher who contact Action 4 News said "manageable" is not how she describes the situation inside the school. She claimed kids and teachers are sweating.

"I didn't see any students sweating today when I was in the building. I went in the morning, in the afternoon. I visited with the principal and talked to teachers," said Villarreal in response to the teacher's claim.

Villarreal says if the chillers on the air conditioner are not fixed tomorrow and conditions get worse, they will bus all the students into the air conditioned high school gym.

One Facebook fan wrote in that children were throwing up because of the heat.

"None to my knowledge," said Villareal.

The school district did bring in fans and bottled water to the school but teachers think it TMs a sign of more hot days indoors to come.

"I can assure the parents that we are taking every precautionary measure to ensure that their students are safe and that they are comfortable in the building. Right now it's at 79 degrees," said Villareal.

Parents have told us that the school called them after Action 4 News looked into the matter telling them to dress their kids accordingly Thursday in the event there's another hot day indoors.

Villarreal says if the air condition isn TMt at 100%, they will take the kids to the cool gym.