Kids caught playing "kissing game" at Montessori school

Denise is demanding answers from Horizon Montessori in McAllen, she claims her son was inappropriately touched by two 6-year-old girls playing the 'kissing game.'

The McAllen mom blames Horizon Montessori in McAllen for not having proper supervision of the kids at school.

Denise received a phone call from counselors at the school in McAllen on January 24, 2012.

"My son told me that one of the girls grabbed him by the hand, took him into the faculty restroom pulled down his pants, kissed his private and touched it and she called it the kissing game," the mom said.

According to Denise, it happened while her six year old son and two classmates, both girls, wandered away from PE class. The kissing game...I TMve never even heard of the kissing game, I TMm 36-years-old but apparently these little girls did| it was two girls, I guess one watched and one did...I don TMt know.. I wasn't there she said.

Denise said administrators only found out about what was happening after one of the girls became upset that she couldn't play the game.

She alerted administrators as to what was going on inside the facility.

When Denise confronted school administrators they told her that it was not unusual for kids to be curious. Action 4 News took Denise TMs concerns to school administrators. Nancy Sanchez, assistant to the superintendent of schools, would only release a statement saying:

The incident is under investigation by Child Protective Services...and they do not have any information to share at this time.

Denise fearing she wouldn't get administration to deal with the issue, recorded a meeting between her and administrators at Horizon Montessori.

One action that I will take as a school, is we will make sure that the knob on that door is changed and there TMs a key and that the nurse has it and that the only person that is allowed in there is a nurse with a student that she unlocks the door for the student so that one will be able to be used to whoever the nurse gives the key too," Horizon Montessori Administrators said.

Denise said she was also told by counselors that the children were playing the mom and dad game and that it was not unusual for kids to be curious.

She adds that had the girls been the victim's in this situation, the outcome may have been addressed differently.

However, she believes all three kids in this case are victims.

Denise plans to withdraw her son from school.

She said she is already noticing signs of different behavior from her son.

She adds the school said that they would not provide professional counseling for her son and plans to pay out of her own pocket for counseling.

Action 4 News did speak with experts and they tell us often times actions like this are learned at home.

Parents are encouraged to speak to their children about the do's and don'ts when it comes to touching.