Kids taught how to use guns

Saturday marks the one year anniversary since the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary massacre that killed 26 people, including 20 children.Jeremy Reiley, local gun range owner, said parents are taking gun safety education seriously.

The Rio Gun Club is a family owned business located in La Feria.Jeremy and Debby Reiley have owned this range for a year in a half and both are NRA certified instructors.They started teaching their 16-year old son to use a gun when he was 3 years old."Fire arms are completely safe when they are handled properly, when they are not properly handled bad things can happen," Reiley said.Jeremy tells Action 4 that since the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting he's seen an increase of women and children coming into the range wanting to learn about guns."Treat every gun like its loaded," Reiley said. "Children if you see a gun don't pick it up don't touch it; find an adult and stay away from it." "If you are a new gun owner find someone to teach you how to operate it safely and properly."Parents don't only come in to learn how to use them but how to teach their children about it.Beginners start off with a fake gun because of a simple mistake a lot of rookies make, they put their finger on the trigger.Afterwards they teach you about the name of every part of the gun and how to hold it correctly.You also learn every safety rule. Jeremy tells Action 4 he will not hand you a gun until he knows you are ready."Guns are not a toy, it is not a video game that you can do a do over or reset and keep going," Reiley said. "When a person does something bad with a gun it has life lasting effects on everyone around."Rio Gun Club is open seven days a week.If you are interested in gun safety classes or becoming a member call 956-357-0439.Click here to follow Valeria Aponte on Facebook

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