Kiki TMs asst. manager blames bosses for repeat dirty dining

Kiki's restaurant

Kiki's on 485 South Sam Houston in San Benito is the dirtiest this week with 46 demerits.

But don't be shocked to read about the high demerits.

The restaurant has already scored the most so far earlier this year.

"Yeah, the inspector came and they saw a few glitches here and there," Assistant Manager Carlos Estrada told the Food Patrol back in February.

The interview took place after Kiki's racked up 61 demerits in February.

Management claimed it wouldn't happen again.

5 months later and the Food Patrol's back!

So is Carlos Estrada.

"Last time we were here you talked about the small glitches, what happened on the latest health inspection report?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked him.

"Right now I'm not going to give an interview," he said.

"Why's that? Ryan asked. "Do you think the public deserves an explanation?"

"Yeah but last time I didn't like the comments they left so I don't want to give any interviews," Carlos explained.

"Well the public is obviously upset, they spend money at the business," Ryan said.

"I know," Carlos acknowledged.

"So why are you concerned about their comments rather than the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen?" Ryan asked.

"I'm not going to say anything."

The health report tells a lot.

Violations on the inspection include no hair restraints, uncovered foods and unsound condition of meat, ribs and chicken that's ordered by the city to be tossed out.

Their secret sauce is stored in a dish soap bottle, according to the inspector.

Photos are taken by the city to show many of the problems.

The check-up at Kiki's is the result of a public complaint about a roach in the beans.

No evidence of that is found.

The Food Patrol wants to know who's responsible for all the other violations.

"Would you be alarmed if you were a customer and saw that?" Ryan asked.

"Yea," Carlos responded.

"You're the manager here... What have you done to change things?" Ryan asked.

"I'm trying my best," he said.

"Who's dropping the ball?" Ryan asked.

"Well the managers," he said. "I'm just an assistant."

Carino's Italian restaurant on 2600 North Expressway 77 in Brownsville is a former top performer and repeat low performer on Food 4 Thought.

A recent initial health inspection report shows 25 demerits.

Violations that aren't on the menu include improper hand-washing, dirty equipment and cross contamination concerns linked to a slime residue found in the salad spinner, according to the report.

An inspector also takes pictures of dirty pans, filters leaking and dirty racks.

Management wouldn't comment and the Food Patrol has yet to hear back from a corporate line.

Kids Carousel on 110 North Harrolds in Rio Hondo gets pegged with just one violation--roaches!

Dead ones turn up in the kitchen.

And if there's one thing the food patrol knows--kids and roaches don't mix.

Assistant Director Lourdes Cardona speaks to the Food Patrol off camera about the problem.

"Bottom line roaches shouldn't be in the kitchen correct?" Ryan asked.

"I agree with that," Lourdes said.

"So you have taken the steps to increase pest control?" Ryan asked.

"Yes we already did," she said.

"Have you noticed positive results?" Ryan asked.

"Yes," she answered.

Taqueria Bermudez on 22813 Highway 281 near the La Paloma area in Cameron County is this week's featured top performer with zero demerits.

The restaurant gets a sticker from the Food Patrol to display outside the business.

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

San BenitoKiki TMs 485 S Sam Houston (46, 7) *Unsound Food Thrown Away, Cross-Contamination*

BrownsvilleCarino TMs 2600 N Exp 77 (25) *Salad Spinner Slime, Dirty Equipment*

Rio HondoKids Carousel 110 N Harrolds (3) *Roaches*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 Demerits)

San BenitoTaqueria Bermudez 22813 Hwy 281

EdinburgSonic 2222 W University DrSubway 1102 W TrentonSubway 219 E Trenton

HarlingenTaqueria Jalisco 621 S CommerceQuiznos 2211 W LincolnPizza Hut 1224 S Commerce

BrownsvilleChurch's 535 E Elizabeth

La FeriaWhataburger 90 Exp 83

DonnaDon Panchito's Caf 2010 Bridge Ave