Kindergarteners explore each other TMs "privates"

Kindergarteners explore each otherâ??s "privates" at Horizon Montessori

Dr. Martha Alaniz works with children on a daily basis.

She said they all have different behaviors and are curious by nature|especially kindergartners.

"Every year you hear of kindergarten children in the play ground or in the bathroom exploring their genitalia; again it isn't out of the ordinary but you have to watch some of these things we've talked about. Is it healthy for this child to be acting out this way or is something else going on?" Alaniz said.

What is not common... Is what happened at Horizon Montessori.

Two little girls allegedly kissing their 6 year old male classmate's private parts.

"If the child is being sneaky and hiding from a parent or an adult at school and still acting out then that TMs definitely a red flag that this child has been exposed to something inappropriate, Alaniz said.

According to parents, the child in question has not only done this once, but on several occasions.

Dr. Alaniz said that could be an indicator the child is watching inappropriate behavior and said it could be signs of abuse.

"These are behaviors that are going to be there consistently, not just a onetime deal that the child saw something on TV or walked in on mom and dad, these are sort of prevalent behaviors that they are exposed to constantly so it becomes a part of what they do," Alaniz said.

Dr. Alaniz said children begin to understand what TMs right and wrong at about age 4.

If you notice your child acting out inappropriately. It's best to address it with them immediately.

She suggests if your child is acting out in a sexual manner not to scold them, but rather talk to them calmly so that it doesn't have a negative impact on them later in life.

Nancy Sanchez, comptroller with Horizon Montessori, said they take this very seriously.

They said they have made some internal changes and will provide a statement in the near future.

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