Kino Flores lawsuit controversy

A lawsuit against former State Representative "Kino" Flores and administration from La Joya ISD accuses Kino of influencing the district to wrongfully fire former employees.

The former employees are also accusing Kino Flores of using La Joya ISDs employees to help him raise money to battle the lawsuit.

"They make your life impossible until you quit or they end up firing you," said Martha Romero who is one of the almost two dozen who have filed the suit against Kino.

She alleged she was fired because she supported the opposing team of candidates than those that won last year's election for school board.

Opponents had alleged that Kino Flores is heavily involved with that administration.

"We want justice," said Romero.

These plaintiffs are now alleging Kino is using the district employees to help him raise money to battle the lawsuit.

We spoke to Kino off camera.

He told us these allegations aren't true, and the fundraiser the plaintiffs saw is not for his benefit.

John Alaniz is the city manager of Palmview.

He told us this fundraiser is for the benefit of the community.

We TMre trying to get money for the children of this area to utilize it for the resources that they may need in the future, said Alaniz.

Alaniz along with other volunteers sold 1500 plates of barbeque at 6 dollars each.

Alaniz said he couldn't tell me what cause the money is going to.

He said they will vote to determine that, but he claims it will go to the community.