Knapp Medical Center staff continues to protest CEO

Knapp Medical Center is under fire once again as staff continue to protest the medical center TMs CEO Jim Summersett.They said they want him out.Protestors lined the streets of Westgate in Weslaco with signs that read Summerset We Regret, Excessive CEO Bonus=Bankruptcy and Sweep Out KMC Board.

Staff of the medical center claim while Summersett receives bonuses, the hospital is not growing to its potential.

"We want our patients to get the care that they should get," said Sandra Esquivel a surgeon at Knapp Medical Center."We don't think he's being very good about helping our hospital be as strong as possible, and we don't want our patient care to suffer here just because we are not able to give the care to the patients because we're paying the CEO."

According to GuideStar, which provides financial information about non profits, in 2009, Summersett made over 850 thousand dollars.

Those dollars included retirement and other deferred compensation.

"A lot of the employees haven't had any bonuses in two years. The ICU nurses had a pay cut of 75 cents an hour in just the last few months, and yet he can get that much money," said Esquivel.

These protestors said they believe something needs to be done.

"We want the board of KNAPP Medical Center to be aware, said Doctor Roger Herida. We have all our colleagues here protesting that."

They allege the medical center's board does nothing.

"The board needs to be held accountable," said Esquivel.

The protestors said in order to make the medical center the best it can be, that money needs to go to hiring more specialists to facilitate patient care instead of going to the CEO.

According to GuideStar, in 2009 alone, Summersett received over 90 thousand dollars in bonuses.

"They're (the board) the only ones that can do something about it," said Doctor Leticia Volpe.

We took their concerns to the board.

They tell us-- "Knapp Medical Center has provided the community with utmost quality care for almost 50 years. It's unfortunate that a small group of people have decided to take to the streets and announce false accusations about the hospital, it board and its CEO."

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Doctor's Open Letter of Protest | Tax Forms Showing CEO & Other Salaries