Knife wielding man dressed as woman, terrorizing stripes clerks

Police told Action 4 News this is the second time a man-- dressed as a woman allegedly robs the Stripes store off of La Homa road and Expressway 83 in Palmview.

Each time, police said, the suspect was dressed in what appears to be a quinceanera dress, socks on his hands, and a scarf around his face.

"It's not large monies that are taken. It's just cigarettes and approximately about 40 dollars. Things start small and they end up big."

Assistant Chief Arnoldo Ochoa said, while they do not believe this suspect will try and hurt the clerks, a person can never be too sure.

"When it comes to armed robberies are being threatened just notify the authorities immediately."

The clerk shown in the video does exactly what he should do, Ochoa said.

But there are others that might decide to take the law into their own hands.

Ochoa said he fears the suspect could walk into the wrong store one day and not make it out with what he went in for.

"There are people that have concealed handgun license. The problem could escalate from what it is right now. It is a concern to the citizens and to us."

Police believe this person, whoever he is, could be addicted to drugs and said they do not know what state of mind he is in during these robberies.

They suggest, if this man walks into your store, not to play the hero---simply give him what he wants and call police.