Knights of Columbus sex abuse scandal continues

A sex abuse scandal rocked the Knights of Columbus organization. On Wednesday, two men came forward claiming they were sexually abused as children by a youth leader from the Knights of Columbus in Brownsville.

One of the alleged victims TMs opened up to our Action 4 cameras.

I was going to take this to my grave|Julian Rivera sexually abused me for 6 years from the ages of 12-18 years old," said Hector Stone.

Action 4 talked to the alleged attacker, Julian Rivera, by phone to get his side of the story.

I'm not suppose to talk to anybody..I was told to just stay quite, stay out of it, said Rivera.

We asked to speak to his attorney but Rivera denied the request.

We also put in a call to Brownsville Police who told us, a police report has been filed by one of the alleged sexual assault victims on Wednesday.

Authorities are now investigating the accusations and say charges are pending.

As for Rivera, he was dismissed from his post at the Knights of Columbus earlier this year and is now gearing up for what happens next.

Rivera: Whatever I respond ...I will be responding in court...

Reporter: Ok so you think it's going to get to court?

Rivera: Well if it is or whatever|I'm not talking to anybody...Thank you very much."

The Knights of Columbus denies claims they knew about the sexual abuse and covered it up.

They told us, they reported it last year to authorities when they found out.

Brownsville Police confirm they were contacted last year but nothing else could be done at the time until a victim came forward.