La Feria family fights to clear father's name in molestation case

Monica Marroquin and Chelsea Gamez are appalled by the molestation charges their father Antonio Marroquin faces.

The 47-year-old was arrested over the weekend in La Feria for indecency with a child.

I'm not going to lie he has been in trouble for DWI TMs but nothing in this nature, said Monica.

The two sisters say their father has many children and grandkids and there is no way he would be capable of hurting a child.

"My dad had always wrestled around and played around with us, said Monica. We had always been a very close family.

La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia says Marroquin was allegedly babysitting a 13-year-old girl and her little sister when the teen claimed he groped her.

Authorities issued a warrant shortly after the girl made the outcry.

The incident happened on a morning when Marroquin was taking the girls and his family to Schlitterbahn on South Padre Island.

"My dad said that they were playing around, said Chelsea. He wrestles with us so I guess while playing around them and (his hand) pass by it but not grab it or stuck his hand in her shirt like they are saying."

Both ladies say they hope a thorough investigation is conducted before a playful and loving grandfather's reputation is tarnished forever.

Marroquin is now out of jail after posting a $35,000 dollar bond.

Family members said they want the 13-year-old girl to face filing a false report charges if and when they clear their father's name.