La Feria mother seeks justice for injured son

A woman, who will not identify for the safety of her child, was called to the La Feria Police Department just half an hour after dropping her son off at the La Feria Academy.

She says in that short time at the alternative campus that the 16 year old was allegedly beat up by a teacher and even an administrator.

"He had scratches on his neck back and on his face." Mom says her son was at that campus because he is behind at school ,but that he is not a troublemaker and in this incident did not provoke the teacher.

She claims the teacher was the one who started the mle.

"The teacher was already in a bad mood this morning and told the students don't mess with me." The teen was taken to the hospital after he claimed to have agitated an old injury in the fight.

"He did have a metal plate with screws in his leg and when they body-slammed him he feels like the screws are making contact with the skin." La Feria police say the report filed by the school district alleges the student had his feet up on a desk and when the teacher asked him to take them down he said quote "make me". Police do confirm that an altercation occured between the student and some adults on campus, but said their investigation is in the preliminary stage and couldn't provide any more details.

La Feria ISD issued a statement saying they are aware of the alleged restraining of a student because of disorderly behavior and are taking action to ensure the safe environment is not compromised. They did not directly answer questions about the teacher and administrator reportedly involved.

The student's mom wants them to be disciplined for using excessive force against her son.

"Teachers get upset and they don't want to deal with children, we send them there to get an education and we're hoping they are well taken care of but look what happens." No charges had been filed as of news time.