La Feria Residents Ripped Off

If you are looking for a contractor, be aware of who you hire. Police say Jose Luis Longoria is a known con-artist. La Feria Police Chief, Don Garcia, said his criminal history tracks him to jails in Hidalgo, Cameron and, most recently, in Willacy County. His method of operation is simple.Chief Garcia said, He talks to people, he makes agreements under the J-2 Concrete, which does not exist, and he doesn't have a license for that. They agree on a down payment, the people write him out a check and he disappears with the money.

Police said that's exactly what he did to two homeowners.He claimed he worked for "J-2 Concrete" and even showed them a business card before conning them out of a thousand dollars.

I gave him a check and I wrote it out exactly how the business card says, J-2 Concrete. He took it to the bank, I've got his fingerprint signature on it, and they refused it because he doesn't have a DBA account, according to alleged victim, Ken Webb.

Webb's roof had obvious damage from Hurricane Dolly. He said Longoria returned to his home with a woman claiming to be his wife, and another check was written. But, Webb didn't think was being victimized since he had done his homework: researching the company.

The Better Business Bureau doesn't have anything real bad on him. He does have a bond insured. So, I went ahead and gave him the thousand dollars. And, I never got anything out of it other than frustration, said Webb.

Webb thought he had done enough to avoid from being scammed. Chief Garcia urges others who may find themselves in a similar situation to contact police immediately.Any citizen here in La Feria needs to come forward if this gentleman has done this before| so we can file the proper charges on him, said Garcia.

So far, only 2 La Feria residents have contacted police accusing Longoria of scamming them out of thousands. Chief Garcia said people must ask for a license and a license number when seeking a legitimate contractor. Plus, anyone can go to the police department to find out if a contractor is wanted for contract fraud.