La Feria starting first phase of drainage solution

La Feria starting first phase of drainage solution

When natural disasters hit some areas in La Feria and Santa Rosa, severe problems with the drainage system arise.

A year and half ago, La Feria City Manager Sunny Phillips asked the state for a solution.

Now, phase one starts in 30 days, with bids for the improvement of the drain ditch located on the west side.

The project will unfold in 5 phases.

The solution is almost $22 million in grants the city needs to fix the drainage system.

This is going to help so many people. This is going to help more than one community. This is going to help the western part of Cameron county which was inundated with drainage, Phillips said.

Martha Boca Negra Trevino has lived in her home for 42 years.

A humble family living in a home built in the 1920's.

"I love it here, I love it," Trevino said.

She said her home has survived several hurricanes - but sustained severe damage during a tornado.

I think maybe the end of a tornado hit but the vent over there was yanked so all that rain came through those bedrooms and bathrooms," Trevino said.

Natural disasters continue to destroy homes and cause major flooding in La Feria and Santa Rosa.

Phillips said emergency crews could not access some areas.

"After Hurricane Dolly, several of the areas to the north of the city were underwater for more than 90 days and several homes were damaged. People were displaced; children had a hard time accessing the school," Phillips said.

Phillips said he knew something had to be done.

It's life. As long as you TMre not dead, whatever can be fixed, Trevino said.

Martha said she TMs happy improvements are happening soon.

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