La Grulla boy rewarded for party thrown for terminally-ill girl

Victor Gonzalez shares a hug with Bill Jones

Victor Gonzalez is an 8-year-old with a heart of gold.

The Starr County boy helped to throw a 2nd birthday party for Victoria Zetina, just days before she lost her battle with leukemia.

Victor did it for his hospital roommate by posting for help on Facebook.

"I wanted the angels to help her," Victor said.

His relatives helped to raise enough money for a party at Chuck E Cheese and then some.

"That is so nice what you did," Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf said. "And let me tell you the angels came through. Did you hear about the birthday party she had at Chuck E. Cheese?"

"Yes," he answered.

"How did that make you feel?" Ryan asked.

"Happy," Victor responded.

Victor is dealing with medical struggles of his own.

He has bone cancer and leukemia.

Victor get home-schooled because he can't be out in public, according to his mother.

That's why Ryan Wolf is by his bed for the Pay it 4Ward surprise.

"Raise your hand if you want it!" Ryan said.

Victor's arm shot up in the air.

"I bet you do!" Ryan said. "But it's going to come from a really good friend of mine from FNB Insurance Agency and his name is Bill Jones."

Bill bent over the bed to introduce himself and to shake Victor's hand.

"Such a kind-hearted young man you are," Bill said. "I'm glad to hear that you have a heart as big as the moon. You made little Victoria very happy. You did a very nice thing for her. So we would like to do something nice for you. Do you like video games?"

Victor's face lit up with excitement.

"Stick out your hand out," Bill told him.

He handed Victor $400 in cash for his kindness.

The two then exchanged a big hug.

Jovana Zarate, Victor TMs mom, teared up watching her son's expression.

She says money has been tight, even for the trinkets she likes to buy him at the dollar store after his painful injections.

"He had said this month, 'Mommy, if you have a little bit of money left over after paying the bills if we could put something in the basket?'"

Victor wants to buy some new video games with his Pay it 4Ward prize.

He's scheduled for possible surgery this summer.

Mom says this surprise will definitely help to keep his spirits up.

"It's nice to have people like you guys," Jovana said. "We know there are angels."

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