La Grulla police shut down crack house, stop marijuana smuggler

Leopoldo Longoria // Starr County Jail Photo

La Grulla police seized cocaine, marijuana and made two arrests over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, La Grulla police pulled over a driver who was found with crack cocaine in his possession.

That traffic stop led police to a home on Johnson Street, which investigators said is a well-known crack house.

Police raided the home and Jose Sebastian Cantu Jr. was arrested for possession of cocaine.

Authorities seized a total of 4.8 grams from the home.

On Saturday night, La Grulla police also tried to pull over a black Ford F-150.

The driver led La Grulla police on a chase down Leopoldo Longoria onto a dirt road.

Police believe the driver was attempting to make it to the Rio Grande before 19 year-old woman was stopped just short by Border Patrol.

The truck was searched an authorities found 455 pounds of marijuana inside.

Police arrested Anisa Nicole Garcia for possession of marijuana and evading arrest.

The two incidents are unrelated.

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