La Grulla still struggling with floodwaters

Lupe Zarate, La Grulla TMs water distribution supervisor, took Action 4 News cameras near the Rio Grande and the city TMs water pumps. Right now we TMre a little low on water, said Zarate. Low because their pumps are inoperable. Not only that, the City just found out the site they were using to pump water, before they could get to the River, has tested positive for E-coli. "We've been having to use twice as much chemicals to treat the water," said La Grulla Commissioner Joel Zarate. Treating that water is no longer and option and pumping operations were relocated back to the Rio Grande. La Grulla now has to borrow even more pumps to get water out and to its residents.

"The city of McAllen came out and is helping us set up three pumps so we can keep up with the demand," said Zarate.

Two of those pumps are now running and they are barely pumping the required 1600 gallons of water per minute.

Commissioner Zarate told Action 4 News the pumps are only getting about 6 hundred gallons and that is not enough to accommodate those living in La Grulla.

He said they are doing what they can to bring the water supply back up to par. La Grulla is still under a boil water advisory.