La Joya chase yields 17 illegal immigrants

It's a scene that has become all too familiar for La Joya Police.

High-speed vehicle pursuits after "coyotes' transporting illegal immigrants into the country.

In many cases the driver jumps from the vehicle and escapes leaving their human cargo behind.

But, a Friday morning chase had a different ending.

Police said the smuggler or coyote in this vehicle is also an illegal immigrant from Culiacan, Mexico but spoke very good English and was driving a Chevy truck with American license plates.

Police said he also knew the area very well which leads them to believe this was not his first run.

La Police Chief Jose del Angel said his department will continue to work with federal agencies to capture illegal immigrants.

However, one change they are making is stepping up their authority on chases involving drug smugglers.

The department will no longer hand-over drug chase cases to the Hidalgo County Drug Agency.

The department is hoping this will lead to bringing criminals to justice quicker.

All the illegal immigrants captured after this chase were turned over to U.S. Border Patrol.