La Joya drug suspect caught while buying Gatorade

A Rio Grande Valley man's quest to quench his thirst ended up landing him in jail.

La Joya police said Tuesday the man had just led them on a short chase that ended when the suspect crashed his van into a parked boat.

According to officers, the suspect ran off and left 700 pounds of marijuana behind.

Police later caught the suspect at a convenience store, where he was buying a Gatorade one block from his home.

"The reason he probably was getting some Gatorade was after loading a van with 714 pounds of marijuana and 100 degree weather, then running from the police in a hundred degree weather, I guess you're going to need some Gatorade," said La Joya police spokesman Joe Cantu. "That is why the individual was caught at the store."

The suspect's name has not yet been released.

Authorities expect to formally charge him soon.